Meet OUr Team!

Brimming with enthusiasm and personality, the Lalalicious team love sharing their passion for cooking and food with you! Pop in and say hi over a cup of coffee, or order one of their freshly prepared meals, frozen dinners, or delicious cakes. 




Trained at the prestigious Silwood School of Cookery, Caley's expertise in the kitchen truly shines when she is working with the Lalalicious team. She is passionate about baking (she loves making chocolate cakes!) and is excited to be a part of educating these new young chefs and helping them reach their full potential. 

Caley's career has included La Colombe, Dish Food and Social, The Pot Luck Club, and The Foodbarn. She has also opened two restaurants: one in Zimbabwe and one in Cape Town.



Lara's infectious personality and passion is evidenced in all aspects of the Lalalicious brand!  She enjoys being hands-on in all areas of the kitchen, whether it is assisting Caley in the kitchen, sprinkling some extra love into a Lalalicious meal, or making a delicious cup of coffee for one of our guests, Lara is always eager to get involved. Because wherever help is needed, you will find Lara!





With her bubbly personality and enthusiasm, Georgina divides her day between the two kitchens. Her love of all things culinary is evident in her application of knowledge gained from her theory lessons and her desire to perfect her technical skills when assisting Chef Caley prepare the meals and deli products. If you stop by, you will always find Georgina with a smile on her face and loads to talk about!



As the right hand assistant to Chef Caley, the Lalalicious kitchen simply wouldn't be able to function properly without Leigh’s assistance. Her quiet willingness to help and learn ensures that all the important ingredients and an added dose of love gets added to the meals.




Michelle is our accounting lady! Not only is she a huge help in the production kitchen but she is also responsible for all the sales! She is meticulous with her chopping and baking and completes her instructions with perfection and happily makes sure everything is working according to plan! 


Always willing to do whichever task comes her way – from chopping and pealing to stirring and assisting with the preparation of the meals… But her real strength is ensuring every meal is correctly labelled in her beautifully neat handwriting! And then, of course, she is also brilliant at the front of the house; always checking on lunchtime deliveries and welcoming each visitor with a warm smile!