In our outcomes-based workshops, we use food and cooking as a medium to build confidence and self-worth. Lessons are based around each student and their individual needs, whilst at the same time following a tried and tested formula. All life skill areas are incorporated into a lesson, as well as maths, reading and writing for those who can... and even for those who cannot… because we believe they all can!

It's like a home to the students

We pride ourselves on offering a place where all our students can feel safe and nurtured. Not only are individual and group lessons offered, but apprenticeship opportunities in the new production kitchen are also available. It is envisaged that with the acquired skills, students will have a variety of options to enter the culinary world – including the “in-house” kitchen or through internships in associated kitchens.

For ALL the students and trainees, the work pace is slower (no frenetic Gordon Ramsay kitchens here!) and adjusted to THEIR abilities. Caley identifies trainees who are able to work at a faster pace, and she will create a different group for them so that they can achieve their goals at their own and faster pace.

Our WORKSHOPS include:


Back to Basics

Students will learn the basics of cooking and work on perfecting technique, including sauces, baking, and regional cuisines.

Certificate: Earned after the successful completion of each module

Mondays, 2-4pm

Tick the Box

Trained to independently prepare and cook various dishes over a 6-week period, students will grow their confidence and expertise in the kitchen practicing a check list of culinary skills and style of cuisine.

Certificate: Awarded when a student can execute a dish from start to finish unaided.

Tuesdays, 14:00 - 16:00

On the Job Training

Trainees will get the feel for what its really like to work in a production kitchen and will be responsible for keeping their stations clean, washing their dishes, packing their equipment away, taking their scraps to the composter, and taking care of their herb patches, as well as all the fun of cooking and baking!

Space is limited and exclusively reserved for those who have attended both of the above mentioned workshops.


Herb & Veggie Farming Workshop



Monday Social Bake

These are one of our highlights as students learn to bake as a group where each person is responsible for a section of the recipe. From accurately measuring and weighing the ingredients to carefully adding, mixing, and baking them, my goal is for each student to learn how to follow a method and understand why ingredients are added in a specific order, as well as being able to correctly identify wet and dry ingredients, baking temperatures, different raising agents, and master the various methods of baking, including creaming and whisking. By working as a team, these students will supply our coffee shop with baked goods and maybe even have an opportunity to be part of a production line in a bakery one day making an income of their own!

Mondays, 11am - 1pm

Holiday Cooking Workshop

Holiday cooking workshops are being presented by Silwood Grande Diploma Graduate, Caley Gray. These workshops are presented at a slower place and takes into consideration each participants’ individual abilities. Therefore groups are small and spaces limited. During the morning patisserie workshop each participant will learn different methods of baking and icing – and at the end of the morning they will take their item home! The afternoon workshop will be focusing on life skills cooking – a fun menu where they learn to prepare a dish from a different country each day and take it home afterwards to enjoy!

Reach out to us for themes and workshop dates.


Autism consultant, Hilary Hutchinson, will be joining the Lalalicious team in July and brings with her a wonderful energy and positive learning environment. Hilary has worked with people of all ages, but has focused the past few years on working with young adults on the spectrum, both high and low support. She believes in developing problem solving skills, growing independence, improving communication, and generally helping others strive for as complete and fulfilling a life as possible.

Life Skills Craft Workshop

Focused on baking, crafting, recycling, as well as some fun arts and packaging projects, students will be taught life skills in a production line style that encourages independence, decision making, and general communication.


Tuesdays, 10:30 - 12:30